36 orphans missing

9/22 2020 – 36  orphans from Mpumalanga 'in-law About four months ago, 36 children from the KwaSizabantu Schulzendal Mission Station in Mpumalanga were notified that they had to leave the station. [...]

The time of fainting comes to an end

A group of former KSB supporters wants to achieve a criminal investigation of the abuse in the "Mission Kwasizabantu" / Witnesses wanted

Now it could become uncomfortable for the leaders, ex-leaders, former and present coworkers or pastors - in short, for all those who in the "Mission Kwasizabantu" ruthlessly and brutally abused people physically, psychologically and sexually. In South Africa a group of former KSB supporters has formed with the aim of obtaining criminal redress for the terrible conditions that have prevailed for decades in all areas of the sect. The group, which is supported by leading lawyers in the country, is now making a public statement to all those who have themselves suffered abuse and to those who have witnessed the various forms of abuse. We publish the statement here: [...]

Concrete proposal for reconciliation

Below are extracts from an email I sent to Kjell Olsen in December 2000. Sadly, nothing came of the “concrete proposal for reconciliation” I made. Whatever is in square brackets was not part of the original email message. [...]

Comments on Constitution of Kwasizabantu

For many years I have wondered why Mission KSB is deteriorating into a septic cult. After the devilish exposé of ms Lidia Dube on Ascention Day I studied the constitution again. Ms Dube and her cohorts are now wondering why the Constitution that they have kept under lock and key is now being discussed. [...]

Kwa Sizabantu constitution

Aims and Objectives, Membership, Governing Body, Legal Status, Powers of the Governing Body, Accounts, Amendment to Constitution, Winding up, Addendum to Constitution.

Why bribes mostly work

“Every man has his price.” Or almost every man then, but what is it that sets the few who cannot be bought apart? [...]

Contact with Satanists? An anonymous testimony from 2010

Analysis of the Supernatural Phenomena
(chapter 4 of the book: "Is This a Genuine Revival" by Albert Pilon).
Some people are said to have had contact with Satanists, such as the young woman mentioned in the context of special miracles. Another woman, who was one of the key people at the girls’ school, is said to have had contact with supposed Satanists. She gave the following testimony concerning this, anonymously. [...]

Fire under the roof at KSB

At Kwasizabantu, the hut is now ablaze with flames - even if the parishioners still don't notice anything about it. Of course, they are not informed either.