Personal Statement about KSB

Recently, I was asked to make a statement about my experiences with the KwaSizabantu Mission (KSB). This is in response to [...]

Peet Botha’s book: a brief response

Peet Botha recently left Kwa Sizabantu (KSB) and published a book about his time there. This is a brief response to Peet's book, as found on his blog a week ago. Brief, because I want to limit my response to one basic point today. [...]

Confession of Koos Greeff

by Koos Greeff fomer coworker I started visiting Kwa Sizabantu in May 1977. By December 1977, I became the first Afrikaans [...]

Testimony of Zarri Pauler

I am from Iran and was born a Muslim and had never heard of Jesus. I married an Iranian man but got divorce after a short [...]