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“Is this a Genuine Revival?”

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Elucidation française  
new Aux ex-dirigeants de KSB par Koos Greeff 10-03-2020

Afrikaans – Nederlandstalige opheldering
Klag van verkragting ná 37 jaar ingedien Netwerk24.com (Zuid-Afrika) d.d. 02-02-2020
Een terugblik van Prof. Peet Botha door Peet Botha – 16-11-2019
36 weeskinders van Mpumalanga ‘skoonveld’ 01-10-2019
Hoofverdagtes in KSB geldwassery-saak geïdentiseer 20-10-2019
Geldwassery van miljoene by KSB 02-10-2019

Deutsche und Englische Aufklärung

new Die Geständnisse des “geistlichen Vaters” 05-05-2020 

To the ex-leaders of KSB by Koos Greeff 10-03-2020 
Swiss: Läderach-Schoggi bald wieder an Bord? Blick: News – Wirtschaft, Schweiz 10-02-2020
Swiss trennt sich von Chocolatier Läderach Blick: News – Wirtschaft, Schweiz 30-01-2020
Der radikale Glauben der Schoko-Familie Läderach von Hugo Stamm, Schweiz 03-02-2020 
Gefangen in einer Sekte,  DZM – Schweizerisches Zeitungsmagazin, erschienen in 2017
Kwasizabantu wegen Missbrauch entlarvt SA-News.com 31-12-2019
Kwasizabantu exposed for abuse SA-News.com 31-12-2019
Stets auf falschem Kurs – und immer noch der Chef 02-12-2019
The witnesses are afraid of Ksb by Peet Botha 16-11-2019
Die Zeugen haben Angst vor Ksb by Peet Botha 16-11-2019
Contact with Satanists? by Nicky Dickinson 07-11-2019
A separation that is not a real separation 21-10-2019
Was müssen Missbrauchsopfer tun? 17-10-2019
Südafrika: Schwere Vorwürfe gegen Missionswerk „Kwasizabantu“ 14-10-2019
The time of fainting comes to an end 07-10-2019
Die Zeit der Ohnmacht geht zu Ende 07-10-2019
Eine Mission wie „Sodom und Gomorrha“ 30-09-2019
Ermittler bestätigen Geldwäsche an der KSB-Spitz 24-09-2019
KSB Mission: Moderne Sklaverei 23-09-2019
A free ticket for sin  13-08-2019
Warum Kwasizabantu alle Fakten leugnet  09-08-2019
Ist (war) das eine echte Erweckung?  30-07-2019
Ein Freifahrtschein für die Sünde 25-07-2019
Damit haben wir nichts zu tun 22-07-2019
Lange Listen für den Staatsanwalt 20-07-2019
Kwasizabantu – ein Fass ohne Boden 19-07-2019
Eine Trennung die keine echte Trennung ist 18-07-2019
To all my brothers and sisters in Christ by Daan van Tonder 16-07-2019
Concrete proposal for reconciliation by Kobus du Preez 16-07-2019 
Die tragedie van Kwa Sizabantoe deur Koos Greeff 16-07-2019
Statement on the smear campaign against Fano Sibisi  Issued by Sibisi Family 07-08-2015
Master Skripsie van Koos Greeff betreffende Kwasizabantu november 2003
Friedel Stegen leaves Kwasizabantu 21-06-2019
Friedel Stegen verlässt Kwasizabantu 21-06-2019
Oh, das Geld! So viel Geld! 20-06-2019
Die Satzung der Mission Kwasizabantu 20-06-2019
Der Plan: Wir feuern Friedel Stegen 19-06-2019
Kwa Sizabantu constitution (freely available from the competent authorities) 17-06-2019
Comments on Constitution of Kwasizabantu 17-06-2019
Why bribes mostly work by Kobus du Preez 17-06-2019 
Ein Gebet für Daan van Tonder 15-06-2019
A prayer for Daan van Tonder  15-06-2019
Die ängstlich sind, kann der Herr nicht brauchen F. H. Stegen in Lindach 2006
Es kommt alles ins Bröckeln… durch Hans H. 2010
Ein Nein bleibt ein Nein
Eine Trennung von KSB und ein Auftrag durch W. 08-06-1999
Erlo Stegen und ein 16-Prozent-Kredit
Eine Mission im Diamantenrausch 22.7.2010
Erlo Stegen und Wunder, die es nie gegeben hat 04-09-2006
Was hinter „Wahre Liebe Wartet” steckt (e) 2007
Die Menschen wurden psychisch fertig gemacht Weihnachten 1997
Warum Jeans bei KSB verboten sind Spiegel 2006
Begleitende Brief zum Dokument der Ev. Allianz SA von den besorgten Christen 19-02-2000
Wer kritisiert wird aussortiert durch K.H.W. 20-02-2000
Artikeln von Idea Spektrum über Kwasizabantu 
Denkwürdig, erschreckend, abstoßend 04-06-2019
Contact with Satanists? by Albert Pilon 01-06-2019
Jetzt ist auf Kwasizabantu der Teufel los 01-06-2019
Der Bruderkrieg 26-05-2019
The sadder way to commit suicide by Kobus du Preez 20-05-2019
Wie geht es nun weiter? durch Iris Matusik 20-05-2019
Für wen bist du: Für Erlo oder Friedel? durch Jens 13-05-2019
Die KSB-Europäer verlassen das sinkende Schiff  11-05-2019
By what right does Thofozi govern KSB? by Kobus du Preez 29-04-2019
Uns war klar: Mit uns nicht! durch Jens 01-05-2019
Feuer unter dem Dach bei Kwasizabantu durch Jens 29-04-2019
Fire under the Roof by Kwasizabantu by Jens 29-04-2019
Thofozi die Königin von Kwasizabantu? 24-04-2019
Money-package-deliveries Daan’s declaration under oat 22-04-2019
Geldpaketlieferungen Daan’s Eidesstattliche Erklärung 22-04-2019
Zweiunddreissig Jahre auf Kwasizabantu durch Peet Botha 11-04-2019
Brief Response to Peet Botha’s book by Kobus du Preez 11-04-2019
Missionary Blog with the New Book of Peet Botha 11-04-2019


 The theme of this homepage…
…is the South African mission, Kwasizabantu, situated in Kranskop, Kwazulu/Natal, South Africa. The Misson, which is led by Erlo Stegen, a South African of German descent, is denominationally of Lutheran background and terms itself a revival movement. Followers of the mission are found in countries like Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Rumania and Australia and number about 10,000. Organizations which work from and are affiliated with the mission are “Christians for Truth” and “True Love Waits” and they also go into the above-mentioned countries.

Who is responsible for this homepage?
This homepage was instituted by former leaders, co-workers and followers of the South-African based Kwasizabantu Mission and European branches who could not, in good conscience before God and men, continue to agree with or be affiliated with the mission.

Why this homepage?
Painful and, at times, extremely hurtful personal experiences, insights and observations have driven us to expose the dubious and disreputable practices of the mission that are even brutal and disregard human dignity. These and other dramatic events within the mission have led us to afford Christians of all denominations a glimpse of what went on behind the scenes at Kwasizabantu. By supplying you with the subjective histories of people we want to give you the opportunity to form an opinion about this work, something that only very observant and discerning people find possible, though they have been in contact with the work for a long time. We are aware that for those who have visited Kwasizabantu or only had superficial contact with the mission, these reports could sometimes seem to be horror scenes only bitter opponents could dream of. But take into consideration: All those who decided to go public this way were true friends of the Stegen family and of Kwasizabantu. It was with great enthusiasm that we were once devoted to the truth of the Gospel as we understood it from the preaching of Erlo Stegen. It was, at times, only after many years that we discovered how greatly we were misled by Erlo Stegen, his co-workers and Kwasizabantu.

Thanks to many years of experience, we know the following: Erlo Stegen and his co-workers either argue their case by denying all accusations or, like chameleons, they alter their course so as to take the wind out of their critics’ sails. The one thing we neither wish to nor can deny is this: God works at Kwasizabantu just as He works wherever people seek Him. Thus there has also been, and even still is, blessing at Kwasizabantu. Despite this, our perception of the trail of destruction and devastation due to KSB is larger than the trail of blessing and thus, after many fruitless attempts to bring insight and reason to Erlo Stegen and Kwasizabantu, we must tread this road.

What do we publish on this homepage?
In publishing testimonies, correspondence and various documents, newspaper clips and articles, we show the real Kwasizabantu as we see it: A dictatorial system, in which only submissive servants can live well. But where independent thinking and acting people are marginalised and stigmatised with military precision. Kwasizabantu has made itself God’s watchman who punishes any contraventions of written Old and New Testament rules as well as its own un-written laws, often with brutal harshness whereby respect of human dignity is ignored.

What can readers expect from this homepage?
True stories of broken people and destroyed families, of obscure traditions and rituals, of excessive beatings and virginity tests, of obscure credit transactions and diamond deals, of debts involving millions, of secret agent activities supporting the apartheid regime, etc.
How will we continue on this homepage?
We have only started with this homepage. Therefore we will continue to update the information. We will continue our research in order to keep you informed. We have people in Kwasizabantu who can no longer go along with what is happening there. Because of family reasons they cannot leave. We also expect reports from Switzerland, France and The Netherlands shortly.